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  1. Registration – Registration number issued, cash received, information pack, cash receipt is given and admission test date advised (as applicable) if there is room in the class; (email of registration to be sent to Finance Manager & Registrar (i.e. MANDATORY)/ vouchers to be received in response;
  2. Finance Manager will send the voucher via email to the Administrator of the respective campus;
  3. Registration does not guarantee Admission;
  4. Time for admission test will be advised to the Parents by Administrator after consultation with the Senior Mistress;
  5. Admission Test – child and Parents need to arrive at 8:30 am, on the Test date;(test can be taken on the same date of registration)
  6. The child will take the admission test and Parents will meet the Branch’s Senior Mistress to discuss our Teaching Methodology and needs of the Parent–Teacher Partnership;
  7. If the child clears the admission test (send an email to Finance for advising that fee voucher has been released to the parents).
  8. Parents will be:
  • Called by the Administrator, the next working day;
  • Advised a date to visit the school to complete the information formalities – no later than 5 working days from the successful Admission Test;
  • Advised that coming for completing the Admission Process, they MUST bring the following:
  1. Transfer Certificate and Report Card  from the School last attended (not applicable to students joining Pre-Nursery);
  2. Birth Certificate;
  3. Three latest passports sized photographs;
  4. One Family photograph;
  5. Funds to settle Admission Fee, Annual Charges, and Due Tuition Fee.
  6. Dues’ deposit voucher will be issued by the school, for depositing at the designated Bank;
  7. Bank deposit slips (School Copy) to be returned to the school; and placed in the student's file.
  8. On receipt of the deposit slip, school start date will be confirmed. Unless a public holiday, all new students will start on Monday. Two days’ time between completion of admission is MUST so that: (a) parents can purchase books and stationery items; (b)The SM, based on admission test, can prepare a remedial plan to get the child to cover gaps from the class; (c) Roll Number can be issued.
  9. Administrator to enter the data from the student's file into her system on the same day when it is complete and to send it to the Head Office to Registrar (after sending the file to the Head Office, send an email to registrar that file has been sent), she will enter the data and forward that to Finance Manager for Fee clearance and then it will be returned to Registrar for roll number issuance.
  10. Roll number will be advised to the Administrators, HCA & Finance Manager via email and HCA will be informed about the new admissions for Student's Pack issuance
  11. On the first day, the students will need to bring the books and stationery applicable to the Grade. One set of Notebooks, School Diary, and Student is provided by the School.

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