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Provost's Message

Let there be light!

Dear Students, Parents & Teachers,

In order to nurture strong and confident individuals, able to withstand any negative social and peer pressure, it is necessary that our young generation, believe in themselves and their abilities. This self assurance can only be developed through expression of self – whether it is through writing, acting, public speaking, poetry. Our youth needs a platform to speak out, to air their views, to be heard! The Literary Society is one such effort, on part of the Silver Oaks School System to give their students an outlet; an outlet for their latent abilities and talent to be unleashed, in whatever form they feel comfortable with.

The Literary Society was formed “for the students” and it consists “of the students”. Well-paced events* have been planned, throughout the Academic Year, to provide the students the opportunity to express themselves through art, prose, poetry, photography, music, debate – hence any and all medium of communications can be utilized. The main aim behind this is to firstly, provide a much needed break from the unremitting routine of studies and secondly, and more importantly, explore the previously unrevealed abilities of the students and to hone them to perfection. This will also aid them in their future academic career, as every good university and even employers are looking for “all rounders” now, instead of merely good grade getters.

This society is however, the start of something bigger, than just a school activity club, we aim to incorporate everyone – our parents, our teachers and any other interested individual. This has to be a movement that takes root and spreads its branches to the whole society in general. Everyone has to be a part of this initiative, to speak out in a positive way! This is the only way to bring about a much needed change in our society! So let us all work together, towards a more literally aware society!

Parents and teachers, the Literary Society awaits your contributions!

Provost Oakian Literary Society  

* Co –curricular event calendar can be downloaded from the Downloads section

 “It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them.” Leo F. Buscaglia



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