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Student Literary Contributions

Peer Pressure

Contributed by Eesha-Tir-Razia (X)*, Edited by Zunaira Omar

Peer pressure is mainly the influence or impact of our age fellows on us. Peer pressure has two types that is - positive and negative. Social interaction is one of the major cause of peer pressure. One can be influenced by someone at any age, but mostly teenagers are more easily influenced by their peers because they don’t have a deep thought process and they haven’t passed through the experiences which our forefathers have had.

Teenagers don’t know which path has to be selected and they follow their peers without thinking that whether that path is beneficial for them or not. They don’t give importance to their own preferences; rather they get influenced by others regardless of whether they are right or wrong. Friends really bring about great changes in the personality of a person. A friend can change the thinking, mind, even values of a person. A good friend really has a positive effect on his partners. It is said: “A man is known by the company he keeps”. An immature person can unintentionally and unwillingly get attracted by bad company. Now days, teenagers (esp. boys) are taking to smoking at a very tender age. A person does not adopt the habits of his bad friends at once but rather it’s a slow and gradual process.

Peer pressure, can also have a positive impact on the society because if a person has good company, it can surely lead the person to success and aid him in achieving his goals. A person who is misguided can be brought back to the right path, if he has a good and sincere friend.

Peer pressure can also be glimpsed at a national level. As we can see, now days, we Pakistani Muslims are getting influenced by the dramas, customs and traditions of Indians. People have also started adopting Western styles. A country, a nation and even a single individual can never get success until or unless he has the spirit to stand by his own decisions, thoughts and values.

The only way to withstand peer pressure is that a person should have self confidence and belief and should not be needlessly impressed by other people. One should not change their views, customs just to suit other people. Parents can also serve as our ideals, as they can guide us to the right path by virtue of their vast experience.

Everyone naturally faces peer pressure but we can surely take it positively and be successful in the future. Parents should keep a check on their children’s company in order to ensure a better future for their children and to make them strong enough to face any sort of peer pressure.

*(This article is a genuine literary contribution of an Oakian Student and does not represent the views of the Institution) 

Breaking the Silence

Contributed by Abdul Wasay (O II), Edited by Zunaira Omar

The Western Media calls Pakistan a “Banana Republic”. A “Banana Republic” is a state whose institutions are failed, poverty rules there, corruption, red tapism has spread in its roots, foreign and economic policy is dictated by others, politicians and state holders are looting the public with both hands.

The country which we received as a gift from Allah Almighty in the name of Islam, today in the world it is seen as a terrorist country and the image of Islam has been badly tarnished. It has recently been revealed in Wiki Leaks and security analysts have also agreed upon the fact that the drone planes are operated and areas that are under the callous influence of the Talibans, are targeted, with the complete agreement of the Government of Pakistan.

America has succeeded in its purpose to create hatred and sow the seed of bitter relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Mother land and soil is the most precious thing on Earth for Afghanis and when someone lays their hands even on one of them, then each and every member of the tribe will put his life on stake and take revenge. America, due to its intimidating behaviour, is taking the lives of hundreds and thousands of Afghanis so they take revenge from us in the form of suicide attacks. Damage from both sides has to be suffered by us and we have greatly sacrificed in the War of Terror which is not actually ours, but imposed and enforced on us by America and still USA demands “Do More, Do More, Do More”. I firmly believe every matter can be solved by dialogue and war is not the solution. We have to understand the selfish behaviour of America. Once Lt. General (R) Hameed Gul said “9/11 is the excuse, Afghanistan is the destination and Pakistan is the target”.

The Government can’t be blamed alone. This government is the punishment of our sins. I remember when a CIA contractor Raymond Davis opened fire in open public and assassinated two Pakistanis. He was set free on orders of the Lord of our governments; both Central and Provincial (Punjab), America. Everyone was exhausted, exasperated and furious over this act. Right after three days Pakistan had its cricket match with West Indies, the quarter final. Everybody was curious about the match. Big screens were fixed in public places. Parties and get-togethers were arranged. Raymond issue was no more than an emotional reaction for us.

An unpredictable schedule of load shedding of twelve and fourteen hours is being followed by the Government and we have to bear the consequences. Industries are suffering tremendously. Illiteracy, poverty and unemployment are at its peak. We are suffering economically and inflation and poverty is increasing rapidly and the Government has nothing to do with public issues. Neither Government is able to handle public issues nor the opposition. Everybody comes to the talk shows, discusses the failure of the governments, no one talks about the solution. Increase in petrol and electricity prices has created great problems for the public.

I am quite flabbergasted that we are still quiet. First we have to eradicate the discriminations amongst ourselves i.e. Sunni, Shia, Punjabi, Pathan, Sindhi etc. It’s all ridiculous. We are all Pakistanis and now the time has come to break the silence and speak up. I am very hopeful about the future of Pakistan and am looking forward to a prosperous and stabilized Pakistan.

(This article is a genuine literary contribution of an Oakian Student and does not represent the views of the Institution)


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