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Science Exhibition 2015

24 May, 2015

24 May, 2015 · Exhibitions


Silver Oaks Holds Middle School’s Science Exhibition 2015-16

Silver Oaks School, under its taught “Projects and Research Program for Middle School”, allows students to focus on Scientific, Cultural & Health enquiry. Under Term 1’s scientific enquiry, Grades 6-8 students, divided into 29 teams of 6-8 students each, conducted research, for 10 weeks, on various aspects of science, posing challenges and facilitation, around the Globe. The topics of research ranged across the spectrum and included: ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION; GLOBAL WARMING; 3 RS – REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE; HAZARDS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY; ECOSYSTEM; FOOD PYRAMID; RESOURCE DEPLETION; SOLAR SYSTEM; VOLCANOES, TORNADOES & CYCLONES; EARTHQUAKES; FORMS OF ENERGY; RENEWABLE & NON-RENEWABLE RESOURCES; HUMAN RESPIRATORY & DIGESTIVE SYSTEMS; GENETIC DIVERSITY, EVOLUTION & EXTINCTION OF SPECIES; DENGUE FEVER.


The program is designed to: understand and use of research methodology from a broad range of resources – internet, books, magazines, newspapers, journals etc.; learn topical focused internet browsing; develop the habit of research & knowledge acquisition for forming their own educated opinions as opposed to simply restating existing information or opinions; to develop knowledge and interest in areas other than defined course content; starting the process of acquiring the skills needed for teamwork. Once the teams completed the research and write-up, the team projects were presented at the science exhibition. Visiting parents, staff members and students felt that through this program, Silver Oaks has provided opportunities to all participating learners, instructional leaders and visitors to get acquainted with new aspects of science that have added to their knowledge and understanding of the various challenges facing the human race.

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      Silver Oaks Holds Middle School’s Science Exhibition 2015-16 Silver Oaks School, unde


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