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Global Citizenship Awareness @ Silver Oaks Holistic Child Development:  September 2019


World Peace Day Celebrations: The International Day of Peace ("Peace Day") is observed around the world each year on 21 September. Established in 1981 by the United Nations, Peace Day is a day for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace. The International Day of Peace is also a day of ceasefire. The peace dove flying with an olive branch in its beak is one of the most common symbols for the day. Commonly understood as the absence of hostility and retribution, peace also suggests sincere attempts at reconciliation, the existence of healthy or newly healed interpersonal or international relationships, prosperity in matters of social or economic welfare, the establishment of equality, and a working political order that serves the true interests of all. Conversely, at Silver Oaks, while celebrating Peace day, our intent was to get Oakians focused on giving thought to the role each one of us can play. To achieve this objective, Oakians were provided reference context to develop and deliver English Speeches on the theme with topics: “What is peace?”; “Peace in our country”; “Peace for social development”; “Peace begins with a smile”; “Creating a culture of peace”; “United Nations for a peaceful world” and “Let’s make peace, not war”. Pupils of pre-school enjoyed white color day with Story Presentation activities.


R&R / Project Presentation Activity: Reading (Grades 1- 5) & Research (Grades 6-8) Projects are an integral part of learning at Silver Oaks. To develop the skill of absorbing information from multiple sources, Reading & Research based activities were conducted in Grades 1 to 5 which included group presentations from their prescribed literature. In order to share work of our pupils with other learners, a campus level exhibition was held on September 27. Grade 6 to 8 undertook research and presented their portfolios on topics like “Oral History of Events”, “Planning an Animal Park”, “Representation of War”, “Travel Guide”, “Water Loss: Plants and Humans - a comparison” & “Great Pyramid of Giza”. These projects take place through the academic year, under our Middle School Projects & Research Program, now in its 7th year @ Silver Oaks, and aim to develop a range of skills amongst young teenagers - topical enquiry; developing the habit of research & knowledge acquisition for forming educated opinions; developing knowledge and interest in areas other than defined course content; and starting the process of acquiring the skills needed for teamwork. Pre-school undertook different alphabet and number recognition games like COUNT AND TOUCH, SKIPPING GAME, LADDER GAME and SPOT ESSENTIAL WORDS, in “Spot It” Activity. They celebrated color day as well.


Defense Day Celebrations: On the 6th of September 1965, our neighboring aggressor attempted an invasion that was effectively and comprehensively thwarted through efficiency, professionalism, and spirit of patriotism of the Pakistan Armed Forces while defending our motherland. Following the success, the day became a symbol of bravery of our soldiers and is celebrated every year. Homage is paid to those who laid down their lives in the sacred cause and wreaths are laid at the graves of especially those 10 martyrs who distinguished themselves for their extraordinary valor and were awarded the coveted Nishan-e-Haider. On this auspicious occasion, Oakians presented national songs and tableaus, in activity-based assemblies, to pay tribute to the Shuhadaa and veterans of Pakistan Armed Forces and to also evoke patriotism among learners.


Democracy: Within the history of Silver Oaks, our first formal 2014-15 Student Council (and family members) participated in the World Literacy Day Social Action Project where all Silver Oaks Campuses were named after literary-legends from around the world! The goal, of the annual election event at Silver Oaks, is to raise awareness of the lessons and practices of democracy and considered decision-making from the earliest possible stages in our children’s lives in order for them to grow up as responsible and aware citizens. The roles of the student council members range from assistance in activities such as themed events at school, student week, PTC, study tours, annual days etc. All campuses having pupils in Grade 5 (age 10) or above elected “Campus Head Boy” & Campus Head Girl” through voting by pupils of Grade 1 (age 6) and above. For the 2019-20 elections, the school management invited self-nominations — accompanied by teacher references on academic performance (responsibility) and ability to lead by example through role model behavior (model citizenship). These elections in Community Campuses took place in Term 1 and at International Campuses (Hemingway, Wordsworth & Shakespeare), where the term starts in August, and this month, on September 13. Candidates were asked to prepare representative speeches, which they delivered on the day of the election. In addition, all pupils were given awareness on “democracy”. With this knowledge, each pupil cast two votes for HB & HG.We wish our newly elected member, best of luck.

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