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Home Our Events Global Citizenship Awareness @ Silver Oaks Holistic Child Development - Students@Work Week August 5-9, 2019

Global Citizenship Awareness @ Silver Oaks Holistic Child Development - Students@Work Week August 5-9, 2019

13 August, 2019


Apna Shelter Home and Learning Centre, an orphanage housing 26 children (ages 5 to 12 years) was visited by a team of more than 30 volunteers, including 2nd year students and other faculty members. The visit started with self-introduction. Some youngsters were pretty confident, while others needed encouragement from volunteers. Total of 5 groups were formed to conduct different activities like different competitions, art activities, sports etc. Pakistan day badges, flags, caps and wrist bands were distributed. Games like banana eating, bucket and balls, balloon, hide and seek etc. were played and a martial art activity was also performed. At the end, with refreshments, goodie bags and gifts were distributed among Apna Trust children and shields among APNA staff.  The aim of this event, as always, was to inculcate an attitude of community service for those who need attention and care.


S@W Day 2 - Aug 6, 2019: “Say No to Plastic Bags”- An Awareness Campaign: A comprehensive awareness campaign was launched against the use of plastic bags and its harmful effects. Responsibilities were entrusted to two groups to create public awareness about the menace of polythene bags. They walked through the roads and streets with the banners, play cards in hands which caught the eyes of the public. Students had an engaging dialogue with residents, stall keepers, and people on the streets. Medical impact of the use of plastic bags was also shared, for example, a meal, which is eaten or heated in plastic bags, results in the development of ulcers, asthma, obesity and certain cancers. This is attributed to the fact that plastic bags have some chemicals that will mix with the meal when heated. Moreover, pollution from plastic materials, such as plastic bags, affect animals or plants in food chain, ranging from large terrestrial animals to small organisms directly and indirectly. Plastic bag accumulation is one of the most common causes of drainage system clogging. The two-way communication among the people and the students resulted in learning and sharing knowledge. The stall keepers were also encouraged and given paper bags and cloth bags by the students. The campaign was appreciated by the general public and provided a significant learning opportunity for students.


S@W Day 3 - Aug 7, 2019: Visit to Fauji Foundation Hospital: Medical study tour was
arranged at Fauji Foundation Hospital. First, the trauma bay was visited where different patients in critical condition were under treatment. Senior nursing staff in wards answered various questions from students. Next was the female psychiatry ward. Mostly, the patients were young and under treatment for depression and stress. Students then moved to the oncology department where cancer patients are treated. A detailed briefing was given about the disease of cancer, its causes and treatment procedures. Radiotherapy department was also visited where X-Ray, Ultrasound and CT scan facilities were shown to students. Finally, equipment sterilization procedures were shown and Q&A session was conducted.


S@W Day 4 - Aug 8, 2019: Visit to PTV: Field tour to PTV center was undertaken to have an exposure to the field of media. Founded in 1964, PTV is the Pakistani state-owned broadcaster. During their visit to PTV, students were taken behind the scenes and learnt the news gathering and production process along with the history of PTV.  Technology enhancement action was experienced in the studio and show broadcasting from master control room was also witnessed. While visiting the news room, queries were answered by the staff regarding news bulletins, projection of news, tele prompters etc. Students also visited Sports Division, International Relations Division, Engineering Division and IT Division. During their visit to Current Affairs Division, students were explained about the production of programs on special occasions such as live telecast of Armed Forces Parade, Flag Hoisting Ceremony, Head of the State’s Address; and Documentaries. College Oakians were afforded the opportunity to record their opinions on the current Kashmir issue, which they accepted thankfully. A program named “Meri Awaz” was recorded where students and teachers had discussion on brutality of Indian forces on Kashmiris, killing thousands of men, women and children. Students demanded that Kashmir issue be resolved in accordance with the aspirations of Kashmiris, while the international community should play a positive and firm role in this regard. The program was telecasted on PTV on Sunday, August 11.





S@W Day 5 - Aug 9, 2019: Visit to PAF Nur Khan Base, Chaklala: Pre-Engineering Group visited the base to develop an understanding of a career in Engineering. The students and teaching staff were taken to Propulsion Maintenance Workshop where briefing on 3 different sections of work stations was scheduled. First destination was Engine Maintenance Station, where students were briefed on the maintenance of engines of different aircrafts i.e. C-130, CN-235, IL-78, F-16 & Fighter Planes etc. and discussion was held on metal, fuel, engine composition, components etc. Second destination was Propeller Maintenance Station, where maintenance of different types & shapes of propellers is under taken. Third destination was run way where different aircrafts were positioned. Briefing on different aircrafts was arranged including IL-78 Air craft (four jet engine aircraft), C-130 aircraft (4 propeller aircraft) & CN-235 aircraft (2 propeller aircraft). Features, purpose & differentiation between the aircrafts was explained. Students were also briefed on how communication takes place between ground & air. Students were also informed about the aircrafts which are being used for Air Chief Marshal, VVIP and VIP movements. Last destination was Engineering Wing Head Quarters where detail presentation was given to motivate students.

After presentation, Wing Commander Amir met students and briefed about the sensitivity and importance of the field. Lastly, Group Captain Sohail addressed the students. He motivated them to take career as a service not only as a job. PAF officers thanked staff members of Silver Oaks Schools & College for providing a platform to our students that will enable them to make informed decision about their future. At the closing, goodwill souvenirs were exchanged.


Review of S@W and Presentations: On last day of S@W Week, students demonstrated their work of the whole week in the form of presentations. Dr Shumail Duad, Ex-President of Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & an Entrepreneur, visited for a talk on a career as an entrepreneur and the world of business. He advised students to use their knowledge for the betterment of society. That is the beginning. The event was concluded with the saying, “True leadership stems from individuality that is honest and sometimes imperfectly expressed…Leaders should strive for authenticity over perfection.”

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