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Art, Science & Project Exhibition @ Silver Oaks

24 October, 2018

Art (Grades 1-3), Science (Grades 4 & 5) & Research (Grades 6-8) Projects are an integral part of learning at Silver Oaks. In order to share work of our pupils with parents, a campus level exhibition was held on October 20. Pre-School to Grade 3 art work included fingerprinting, tearing & pasting, making puppets, pencil holders & frames through using chart papers. Grades 4 & 5 science projects involved re-enforcement of the need and developing awareness to “protect our environment” through focus of ‘Earth” & “Water”. Grade 6 to 8 undertook research and presented their portfolios on topics like “Height and Running Speed”, “School Newsletter”, “Oral History of Events”, “Planning an Animal Park”, “House Design”, “Water Purification”, “Representation of War”, “Travel Guide”, “Water Loss: Plants and Humans - a comparison”, “Great Pyramid of Giza”, “Jinnah’s Vision” & “Polythene Bags”. These projects take place through the first two terms of the academic year, under our Middle School Projects & Research Program, now in its 5th year @ Silver Oaks, and aim to develop a range of skills amongst young teenagers - topical enquiry; developing the habit of research & knowledge acquisition for forming educated opinions; developing knowledge and interest in areas other than defined course content; and starting the process of acquiring the skills needed for teamwork.

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