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Defense Day Celebrated @ Silver Oaks Global Citizenship

14 September, 2018

On the 6th of September 1965, our neighboring aggressor attempted an invasion that was effectively and comprehensively thwarted through efficiency, professionalism, and spirit of patriotism of the Pakistan Armed Forces while defending our motherland. Following the success, the day became a symbol of the bravery of our soldiers and is celebrated every year. Homage is paid to those who laid down their lives in the sacred cause and wreaths are laid at the graves of especially those 10 martyrs who distinguished themselves for their extraordinary valor and were awarded the coveted Nishan-e-Haider. On this auspicious occasion, Oakians presented national songs and tableaus, in activity-based assemblies, to pay tribute to the Shuhadaa and veterans of Pakistan Armed Forces and to also evoke patriotism among learners – how can we ever forget the famous verse “shaeed ki jo maut hai who qaum ki hayat hai”. High School pupils visited PAF Base Nur Khan and witnessed a static display of PAF aircrafts showcasing fighter jets including F-16, JF-17 Thunder, Mirage and F-7 as well as performing aerobatics to pay tribute to the warriors who guard our walls so that the nation can sleep in peace. Long live Pakistan! 

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