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Spell-a-thon Celebrated @ Silver Oaks

14 May, 2018

Spell-a-thon develops learners’ interest and consolidates their knowledge about diverse topics. It helps to enhance learners’ vocabulary and to strengthen their command on spellings and pronunciation by incorporating the element of fun in learning spellings. Learners at Silver Oaks Schools and College had the brilliant opportunity to not only test and enhance their expertise at spelling skills, but also to learn and to attain a great extra-curricular achievement by participating in the Spell-a-thon Competition. All learners from Pre/Pri/ Middle school took part in a much-cherished learning experience which elevated their grammatical knowledge to a decent level which will prove pivotal in their educational careers. With the help and encouragement of the teachers, learners traced down the pronunciations and proper spellings of the words which facilitated the widening of their vocabulary. Spell-a-thon involved exercises correlating jumbled words, missing letters, pronunciation and correct spellings. Pre-School learners took part in the cooking activity and prepared the fruit salad. They celebrated the green color day as well. 

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