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Home Our Events Democracy Awareness & Student Body Elections - April 12, 2018

Democracy Awareness & Student Body Elections - April 12, 2018

12 April, 2018

Within the history of Silver Oaks, our 2014-15 student council (and family members) participated in the World Literacy Day Social Action Project where all Silver Oaks Campuses were named after literary-legends from around the world! The goal, of the annual election event at Silver Oaks, is to raise awareness of the lessons and practices of democracy and considered decision-making from the earliest possible stages in our children’s lives in order for them to grow up as responsible and aware citizens. The roles of the student council members range from assistance in activities such as themed events at school, student week, PTC, study tours, annual days etc. In some cases, the student council members are given the liberty of proposing a few activities of its own.
All school campuses, which have students in Grade 5 (age 10) or above, elected “Campus Head Boy” & Campus Head Girl” through voting by students of Grade 1 (age 6) and above. For the 2018-19 elections, the school management invited self-nominations — accompanied by teacher references on academic performance (responsibility) and ability to lead by example through role model behavior (model citizenship). Worthy candidates were asked to prepare representative speeches, which they delivered on the day of the election (April 12). In addition, all students were given an awareness note on “democracy”. With this knowledge, each student cast two votes – one each got HB & HG. Following the announcement of winners the same day, the central oath-taking ceremony took place, on April 28. Parents of the elected council members & Principals witnessed the ceremony where a senior Campus Head administered the oath and relevant Campus Heads handed over sashes to their successors. We wish our newly elected council the best of luck in upholding their oath through the year, and through life.

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