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Dedicating Silver Oaks Campuses to World Literary Legends

19 November, 2015

19 November, 2015 · Social Action Project

Oakian Student Council (OSC), comprising of 20 Head Boys & Girls of 10 campuses, elected on March 17, 2014 for Academic year 2014-15, as their first responsibility, put forward suggestions for world literary legends that have made notable contributions from around the Globe. Based on the various names suggested by students, 33 names were short-listed. Each member of OSC, under the supervision of two dedicated project coordinators at their respective campuses, undertook research on ALL 33 shortlisted names. Having completed this research, each OSC member shared the names and contribution with 5 members of the family, for consultation and advice. Having sought this input, each OSC member reverted with 20 recommended names of literary legends. Top 20, with highest votes, were selected.

In this unique social action community project, having involved 20 students, 20 teachers, 20 Senior Leaders of the School and 100 members of the community in the research & knowledge acquisition process, based solely on the recommendation of OSC, Silver Oaks School has dedicated & named each of its 20 campuses to one world literary legend and will continue to name every new campus after a world literary figure.

Campus naming and dedication ceremony, performed by the Campus Head Boy &/or Head Girl, took place at each campus on World Book & Copyright Day (also Shakespeare’s Birthday). At the ceremony, 5 family members (each) consulted by the Head Boy & Head Girl were also invited to witness the ceremony that made the student: (a) A part of history – first social action community project of its kind; (b) A Global Literary Agent for raising personal and peer awareness of literary contributions from around the Globe.

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